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With daily fraud checks and more than + 1000 publishers working with us, we can deliver a huge volume of traffic of the highest quality.
Before getting in contact about advertising with us, please be aware that we are a content locking network first and foremost. Therefore, the majority of our traffic is incentive.
Types of offers that we work with: CPA, CPE, CPI, CPL.
Verticals that work best with our traffic: Gaming, Technology, Sweepstakes
We do not and will not deliver traffic to Adult, Dating or Gambling offers.
If you're happy with all of the above, please get in contact with us via email at or skype at live:.cid.77374e9165313022 . We do not work with individuals. Advertisers and Ad Agencies only please.
Note: We work with established, reputable advertising agencies only. We do not work with individuals or advertising companies less than 1 year old.